Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your dog treats?

Our dog treats are made from human food grade ingredients. No cheap stuff here. We use whole grain flour, chicken, turkey, bacon, peanut butter, eggs, yogurt, bananas, apples and other fruits. Our treats are all human edible. In fact, I have tried them all, and some are actually very tasty.

Where do you get your treats from?

We make then ourselves. Our treats are all made in our mobile bakery truck. Usually we are mixing and baking at the parks while we are serving customers too. Our truck is an Alberta Health Services certified mobile kitchen. The only thing we don’t make is the pre-packaged ice creams and cold canned beverages.

What makes your people treats so good?

We use real, quality ingredients in our people treats. We use real butter, real maple syrup, fresh fruit and quality ingredients, spices and seasonings. We take the time to make everything as good as we can.

How about Vegan choices?

Yes, we do have some Vegan options for our customers. We are always exploring ideas, and may make others as we create them. We have a Vegan trail mix cookie based on a cookie we tasted in Cadiz Spain. and we even have a vegan hotdog available.

Do you do Grain free treats?

Yes, we have grain free treats for the dogs. We have our salmon and pumpkin treats which are grain free and we have a new Carrot Apple grain free treat too.

Can I order a large amount of treats?

Definitely, If you have a need for a large number of treats, all the same or a variety, just let us know and we can make to suit your needs. We try not to have too many in stock at any time. We want to keep everything fresh and we don’t use preservatives in our treats. In fact, if your making a large order, we recommend you freeze any you don’t expect to eat in the next couple days. The dog cookies freeze quite well, and some dogs seem to really like the frozen cookies.

Do you take credit cards or Debit?

Yes, we can accept credit and debit cards for payment. I never seem to carry cash, why should I expect everyone else too.

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    Operating hours

    • Monday to Friday
      Various times and locations
    • Saturday
      8am – 8pm
    • Sunday

      8am – 6pm
      Times and locations subject to change depending on prior commitments and the weather. Check our Facebook page and the Edmonton Foodtruck app for up to date information.


    Tangent’s Treats Mobile Bakery is a family run Edmonton based small business. Everything we bake is made from human grade ingredients.


    Mailing Address

    Tangent’s Treats Ltd.

    9343-70 Ave NW

    Edmonton AB T6E 0T8


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